F-86F-30 Sabre


Military History

The North American F-86 Sabre was designed in the 1940's as a subsonic fighter aircraft. The Sabre entered service with the United States Air Force in 1949. The F-86 saw action and became the primary U.S. air combat fighter in the Korean War. Various models were produced in day fighter, fighter-bomber, and all-weather interceptor configurations with a variety of armaments. U.S. production of the Sabre ended in December, 1956.

The F-86's principal counterpart in the war was the Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-15 "Fagot".

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F-86F-30-NA - Constr #: 191-682 - Serial No: 52-4986 (U.S. Air Force)

The known history of this aircraft is listed below.

Date Squadron Squadron Name Location
1953 Manufactured   Inglewood, CA
1953 Sep 13 3595th Combat Crew Training Wing (Air Training Command) Nellis AFB, NV
1956 May 3525th Combat Crew Training Wing (Air Training Command) Williams AFB, AZ
1958 Mar Sacramento Air Material Area   McClellan AFB, CA
1960 May 19     NAA Inglewood - Overhaul
1960 Aug Dropped from Inventory as Transfer to MAP    
1960 Nov 19     Via Military Assistance Program to
Argentina Air Force - Aircraft Designated C-125
1986 Aug 11     Withdrawn from use
....     ....
1990 Mar 6     Coleman Warbird Museum
1990 Jun     DK Precision, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL
Registered as N188RL
1992 Jun     Michael E. Keenum, Palos Park, IL
1995     Flying from DuPage Airport
as "24584 MIG Mad Marine"
1997 Mar 5     Aileron, Inc., Forest Park, IL
....     Courtesy Aircraft Sales
2005 Aug     Warbird Heritage Foundation
Flying from Waukegan National Airport (UGN)
as actual Serial No "24986"