L-39C Albatros


Military History

The L-39 Albatros, a high-performance jet trainer, was developed by Czechoslovakia during the 1960's as a successor to the L-29 Delfin. Built by Aero-Vodochody, it entered full-scale production in late 1972. It was designed for basic, advanced, and operational pilot training and for light attack missions.

It was highly successful as the basic jet trainer for the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, and many other Warsaw Pact countries. It is still the most widely used jet trainer in the world. Today, more than 2,800 are still in service with over 30 air forces from around the world.

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L-39C - Constr #: 931526 - Serial No: N / A

The known history of this aircraft is listed below.

Date Squadron Squadron Name Location
1979 Manufactured   Vodochody, Czechoslovakia
???? ??? -
1998 Mar
    Government of Kyrghyzstan
1998 Mar     Civilian Ownership - Illinois
    Complete Restoration by Pride Aircraft
    1998 Mar - 2000
2003 Dec     Warbird Heritage Foundation